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  • Map data from any database, XML or Excel: Form-IT! lets you intuitively map your database fields to the fields of your template.

  • No Programming Required: Form-IT! has a user-friendly interface - no programming or source code changes required.

  • Powerful batch processing: Once Form-IT! is setup, you can produce any number of PDFs in a batch process.

  • Image support: With Form-it! you can add graphic elements to the form. (Separate module).

  • Encryption and password protection: Form-IT! supports PDF’s standard security with a 40 bit RC4 encryption. Form-IT! lets you control access permissions to the created PDF documents.
  • Flatten form fields: Once the template is created the fields can be flattened. This means that the input data is inserted into the field but the field itself does not exist. In other words, the information becomes an integral part of the running text.

  • Scheduling capabilities: You can schedule batch processes, for example production of monthly reports. (Separate module).

  • Send documents by email: Form-IT! Allows you to specify lists of recipients and send them PDFs. The list can be derived from any database, XML or Excel file. You can use it to send invoices, reports, personalized letters, etc.

  • Recovery: Form-IT! logs all activities, so if a batch process fails, there is a detailed log of the successful and unsuccessful processes. When running the process again, Form-IT!automatically identifies the processes that were successful and does not repeat them again.

  • Multi-Lingual Support: With its Unicode support Form-IT! supports all languages including non-roman. Form-IT! includes a special engine to support Right to left languages like Hebrew and Arabic.

  • Personalization: you can personalize the content that you send out based on any criteria in the database. For example you can create different contents based on the location of the recipients.

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